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           Welcome to Brother’s Pizza Express Catering!!!!!


Are you looking to throw a Birthday Party, Baby shower, Office Meeting, Sport Event, Reunion or any occasion at all? Let Brother’s Pizza Express handle your catering needs. We offer a variety of delicious foods and only use the finest and freshest ingredients available on the market.

We offer both pick-up and delivery services to meet your needs. We will ensure that your order is correct, ready to be delivered at the right time and place.

Feel free to stop by or contact us today to speak with a catering coordinator. We look forward to Celebrating with you!

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Monday –Saturday (11am-10pm)

Sunday (11am-9pm)


1732 Dual Highway, Hagerstown, MD, 21740


Assorted Meat and Cheese Tray

An arrangement of your favorite delicious meats and cheeses.

Freshly sliced deli meats and two of your favorite cheeses.

Garnished with black or Kalamata olives.Ready to serve.

Served with Amorosa rolls.


Build Your Own:  


Choose 3                                         Choose 2

-Roast Beef                                       -Swiss

-Cooked Ham                                   -Provolone

-Smoked Turkey Breast                - White American

-Hard Salami



Small (serves 8-10) $29.99

Medium (serves 12-15) $34.99

Large (serves 16-20) $42.99


Italian Platter


Salami, ham, pepperoni, provolone, marinated mushrooms, pepperoncini peppers, Kalamata olives and sweet peppers. Served with Italian Amarosa rolls.


 Serves (12-16) $69.99


Condiment Tray

Tomatoes, onions, pickles and lettuce. Garnished with black olives and served with mayonnaise and mustard.


Serves (12-15)   $19.99



Finger Sandwich Platter


White or wheat bread (or assorted)

Assortment includes: Roast beef, smoked turkey breast, cooked ham

Swiss, white American or provolone cheese


Medium (12-15) $29.99

Large (16-20) $39.99





Wrap Tray


 Honey wheat tortilla wraps filled with a variety of meats/cheeses.  Smoked Turkey, Roast Beef,

Ham or Club (Ham, Turkey, Bacon) with lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise.


Medium (8-10) $34.99

Large (10-12) $ 39.99



 Veggie Tray


Cherry Tomatoes, Green peppers, sliced cucumber, celery, carrots and pepperoncini peppers served with ranch dipping sauce.


Small (10-12) $19.99

Medium (14-16) $24.99

Large (20-25) $ 32.99



Pepperoni Rolls

Our delicious homemade pepperoni rolls served with marinara and garlic butter.


Small (8-10) $29.99

Medium (12-15) $ 36.99

Large (16-20) $ 45.99


Create your own Appetizer Tray


Choose up to 4 of your favorite appetizer items. Served with your choice of dipping sauces.


-mozzarella sticks

-Jalapeno Poppers

-Cheese Quesadilla

-Mac/cheese wedges

-Fried Pickles

-Breaded Mushrooms

-Zucchini Sticks

-Fried Ravioli Buffalo Chicken Bites


Choose 3:  Ranch/Marinara/Sour Cream/ Salsa/ Blue Cheese 


Medium (8-12) $ 36.99

Large (16-24) $ 59.99




Wing Platter


Choose up to 3 of your favorite flavors on our delicious New York style wings or Boneless

Served with your choice of Ranch/Blue Cheese dipping sauce


Flavors: Mild, Medium, Hot, Blazin, Honey BBQ, Spicy BBQ, Lemon pepper, Sweet and spicy, Chesapeake bay, Ginger teriyaki, Caribbean jerk and Roasted garlic parmesan.


Small (8-10) $ 29.99

Medium (15- 20) $ 45.99

Large (25- 30) $ 69.99 


Chicken Tender Platter


All white chicken tenders served with your choice of: Blue cheese / Ranch / BBQ dipping sauce.


Medium (8-10) $ 39.99

Large (15-20) $ 64.99



Snack Tray


Salami,pepperoni, and Cheese(Swiss/ provolone).Served with crackers and mustard for dipping or spreading.


Serves (16- 20) $ 29.99


 Desserts Platter


Choose up to 3 of our finest desserts. A crowd pleaser for any occasion.



-Funnel Cake Fries

- New York Style Cheese cake

-New York Style Fried Cheese cake

- Cinna Popps

- Reese's Peanut Butter Pie


Medium (15+) $ 29.99

Large (30) $ 59.99


 Salad Bowl


Lettuce mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and homemade croutons.

With you choice of Dressings:Ranch, lite Ranch ,  1000 Island ,  Honey Mustard ,  French , Greek, Blue cheese,  Caesar , Lite RaspberryVinaigrette , Italian, Parmesan & Peppercorn, Oil & vinegar . 


Small (8- 10) $ 19.99

Medium (12-15) $ 29.99

Large (16-20) $ 36.99




 Our pastas are made to serve 12 people. Includes garlic bread.

Spaghetti & Meatballs (39.99)

Delicious homemade meatballs and marinara



Baked Ziti(35.99)

Topped with marinara, ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella then baked to perfection



Chicken Parmesan (44.99)

Breaded chicken, parmesan cheese over spaghetti with marinara sauce




Fettuccini Alfredo (39.99)

Delicious Alfredo sauce mixed with fettuccini



Chicken Alfredo (44.99)

Our homemade Alfredo sauce topped with grilled chicken



Alfredo Primavera (49.99)

Steamed broccoli, grilled chicken with Alfredo sauce



Lasagna (35.99)

Our recipe for 22 years twice baked with mozzarella and marinara


Spaghetti Italiano (39.99)

Italian sausage over spaghetti and marinara



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